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H H S Department of Health and Human Services
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HIV/AIDS Programs

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Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Grantee Audits

Authorizing legislation for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Program (Public Law 111-87) requires grantees to submit audits (consistent with OMB Circular A-133) to HRSA every 2 years.

The legislation also requires HRSA to post the audits in their entirety on the HRSA website. Currently,  State audit reports for fiscal years 2008 and 2010 are available here. These reports include all Part A grantees (city/county) within that State, if applicable and the State's Part B lead agency. Learn more: Legislation Excerpt: Audit Requirement

To locate an audit, select a state on the map or use the dropdown the top right of this page.

To request a copy of a Part C or D audit, provide the name of the recipient organization, the city and State in which it is located, whether it is funded under Part C or D, and any supporting information you may have, such as EIN or DUNS number, to