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Continuum of HIV Care: Demographics of Ryan White Clients

Demographics Gender


In 2010, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program served a total of 546,156 clients.  Of all RW clients, there were 68.5% males, 30.7% females, and 0.8% transgender (including male-to-female and female-to-male).   



Age <13 years accounted for 2.1% of the RW population, followed by age ≥65 years (2.9%), 13-24 years (6.7%), 55-64 years (13.6%), 25-34 years (15.0%), 35-44 years (25.8%), and 45-54 years (33.9%).  

Demographics ageDemographics race ethnicity

The racial/ethnic groups represented most commonly include black (47%), white (28%), Hispanic/Latino (22%), and 1% or less for all other racial/ethnic groups. 

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