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Technical Assistance Costing Tool Overview

A Resource to Help Clinicians and Health Care Organizations Identify Costs In Providing HIV/AIDS Care

The Technical Assistance Costing Tool (TACT) is an Excel-based software tool that lets providers identify how much their services cost, using basic patient information to calculate patient care expenses and providing cost information that can be used for billing and reimbursement.

How to Get and Use TACT

Getting and using TACT is easy -- just download and save the TACT Excel and User Manual files and follow the instructions in the User Manual.

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Ryan White Program grantees, subgrantees and safety net providers who provide health care services to persons living with HIV/AIDS can use TACT alone or to complement other tools used to manage clinical services. TACT is especially useful to:

  • Providers responsible for third party billing
  • Billing and collections staff
  • Chief financial officers, chief information officers and office managers

TACT can help you answer questions such as:

  • How much reimbursement would I need from a managed care organization to cover the average monthly costs of care for patients who are living with HIV/AIDS?
  • How do I factor-in expenses such as rent, administrative costs, and the time of volunteer physicians into the cost of the services my organization provides?
  • I’ve been providing certain lab services. What is the impact on the overall costs of services I provide?

Sample TACT Page

Sample Technical Assistance Costing Tool (TACT) page image.


Technical Assistance Costing Tool Resources