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Ryan White CAREWare

What is CAREWare?

CAREWare is free, scalable software for managing and monitoring HIV clinical and supportive care and will quickly produce a completed Ryan White HIV/AIDS Services Report (RSR). Read the CAREWare End user License Agreement.

Download Software

CAREWare Business Tier Build 895 updated 5/17/2016. This is the minimum build required to produce your 2015 ADR.

  • See below for the new ICD-10 code diagnosis file.

Full Setup files for new users

System Requirements

Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.1 Exit Disclaimer

Supporting Documents

QuickStart Manuals ALL NEW!


Medications and Diagnosis Codes Imports

CAREWare is 15 Years Old!

CAREWare was originally released at the Grantee Meeting in 2000. Usage has increased steadily each year and today over 800 Ryan White-funded agencies in 48 States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands use the software to manage their HIV/AIDS information. 

Additional Resources 
CAREWare in the Field

Networking CAREWare. A number of states and cities run CAREWare with multiple providers connecting into one central database. These network setups have contributed greatly to their ability to track service usage and monitor the quality of care across multiple agencies.
Tailoring the Software. A number of grantees have contracted to have their own specific features developed. These include: a widely used provider data import which allows clinics to import data into CAREWare from other applications and electronic medical records (EMRs), thus avoiding double data entry; and a lab import feature which allows agencies to receive test results electronically from the major laboratory service companies Labcorp and Quest.
Going International. The software has also been modified for use in international HIV treatment settings, and has been implemented in clinics in Barbados, Nigeria, Uganda, and Viet Nam.