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Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (RSR)

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (RSR) is a client-level data report that provides the characteristics of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients, their providers, and the clients served through program funds. All Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded recipients and their contracted service providers (subrecipients) are required to report client-level data annually to the HIV/AIDS Bureau through the RSR.

View the RSR reporting timeline, which lists key dates for annual RSR submission.

The client-level data provided by recipients is used to:

  • Monitor health outcomes of HIV clients receiving care and treatment services through program recipients and subrecipients.
  • Address the impact of HIV in communities disproportionately affected by assessing organizational capacity and service utilization.
  • Monitor the use of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program to appropriately address HIV in the United States.
  • Track progress toward achieving the goals identified in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

The RSR is comprised of:

  • The Recipient Report: Each Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipient completes a separate Recipient Report for each program grant the recipient receives from HRSA. The recipient completes the online report through the HRSA Electronic Handbook (EHB) using a web-based data entry system.
  • The Provider Report: This report is a collection of basic information about both the provider and the services the provider delivered under each of its Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program contracts. All agencies that provide Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded services must complete one Provider Report using the RSR Web System. Multiply-funded providers must include information from all program parts in one Provider Report.
  • The Client Report: This report is a collection of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program client-level data that must be uploaded as an electronic file using a standard format. Each upload file must contain one record per client. Each client record will include information on demographic status, HIV clinical information, HIV medical and support services received, and the client’s “eUCI,” an encrypted unique client identifier.

The HIV/AIDS Bureau has taken every measure possible, including implementing and using the eUCI, to limit data collection to only the information that is “reasonably necessary to accomplish the purpose” of the RSR.

Technical Assistance

Report Administration Support

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Data Support is available to address RSR-related content and submission questions. Topics include:

  • Interpretation of the RSR Instruction Manual and HAB’s reporting requirements.
  • Allowable responses to data elements of the RSR Grant Recipient Report, Provider Report, and client-level data file.
  • Policy questions related to the data reporting requirements.
  • Data-related validation questions.
  • Recipient-provider relationships and the implications for data reporting.

Contact: 1-888-640-9356
Hours: 10 am-6:30 pm ET, Monday – Friday  

Grants/Electronic Handbook (EHB) Support

The HRSA Contact Center addresses EHB and RSR software-related questions. Topics include EHB navigation and registration, EHB registration and permissions, Performance Report submission statuses and RSR Web System navigation.

Contact: 1-877-464-4772
Hours: 8 am-8 pm ET, Monday – Friday

Data Infrastructure Development

The DART Team is addresses questions regarding significant assistance to meet data reporting requirements, data quality, and providing technical assistance on the eUCI Application.


Data Technical Assistance at a glance             
The RSR TA Brochure

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