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RSR Training Materials

2011 Annual Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Regional Data Training

Unable to attend the RSR Basics Workshop or RSR: Beyond the Basics Workshop at the 2011 Annual Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Regional Data Training? Want to share presentations with your staff or providers? Download the RSR workshop presentations here!

RSR: Beyond the Basics Workshop

HIV/AIDS Bureau Overview of RSR Data (PDF)

During this presentation, the HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) will give an overview of RSR data. HAB will also discuss the importance of the quality of the data submitted by grantees as well as how those data are used.

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report: Common Challenges and New Items (PDF)

This presentation offers a high-level review of the common challenges users face when completing RSR Grantee, Provider and Client Reports. It will focus on general expectations, including proper reporting of funded services, updated service definitions, and 2011 RSR submission deadlines.

Electronic Handbooks Refresher (PDF)

This refresher is a review of the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) based on the most common questions HAB receives. This may include topics such as dealing with forgotten passwords, organization associations, updating profile information, and outlining general functions grantees must understand when using the EHBs.

RSR Data: Are they Complete? Are They Right? Do they Reflect Your Program? (PDF)

This refresher offers practical tips for improving data quality so grantee data accurately reflect the program activities; reviews quality assurance tools available to grantees; engages participants in identifying solutions for data submission challenges; and teaches grantees how to make their data work for them.

What is My Completeness Report? (PDF) 

Grantees will get an overview of the completeness report, including the changes that were made as a result of the 2010 RSR submission. Grantees will then discuss their actual 2010 RSR data completeness reports and develop a plan to work with their providers to improve data quality.

How to use Tools in the RSR Web System (RSR Reports) (PDF)

This presentation focuses on the reports available for grantees to use when reviewing their data. It is designed to help grantees develop a plan for using these reports on a local level.

Do My Data Make Sense (PDF)

This presentation offers an in-depth look at the different data validations applied to the RSR. Grantees are taught how to manage common data validation errors, warnings, and alerts as well as how to review submitted data to verify that they are complete and correct.

Managing the RSR Process (PDF)

This “capstone” presentation will help grantees integrate concepts they learned during the RSR workshops by reviewing the information, strategies, and tools necessary to manage a successful RSR submission process.

RSR Basics Workshop

Introduction to the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (PDF)

This session gives an overview of the RSR terminology; outlines the structure and content of the RSR Grantee, Provider, and Client Reports; and reviews general reporting expectations and information such as reporting scope, service definitions, and 2011 RSR submission deadlines.

An Overview of HRSA’s Electronic Handbooks for Grantees (PDF)

An introduction to the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs), this session covers topics such as system registration, navigation, and general functions grantees must understand when using the EHBs.

How to Complete the RSR (PDF)

This session offers step-by-step instructions for completing the RSR Grantee and Provider Reports, including the Client-level Data XML file upload. Grantees will learn about the reports available in the system to help them review and validate their data before submission, and will gain an understanding of the RSR workflow process.

To access additional TA resources such as RSR Informational Web casts or to learn about future RSR online training opportunities, visit the TARGET Center Web site at

2014 Timeline

2014 RSR Timeline. Listing of key reporting dates for the 2014 annual RSR submission.

Download Files

2013 RSR Instruction Manual (PDF - 1.38 MB) Revised 7/15/2013

XML Schema Definition, T-Rex, and Sample XML Files

Required Data Elements for the Client Report (PDF - 81 KB) Revised 01/28/11

Sample Grantee Report (PDF -  40 KB)

Sample Service Provider Report (PDF - 4 MB)