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Severity of Need (SON) Index - Process - Meeting Materials

Meeting agendas and presentations from three key meetings are provided below to share the process for the development of the SON Index.

Kick-Off Meeting: October 2005. A one-day, face-to-face meeting with the panelists, HAB Workgroup, and the Contractor Team (Altarum/RTI) provided an opportunity for the panelists to: meet their colleagues, understand the objectives and format of the process, convene as four sub panels to determine a timeline and process for communication and development of the panel reports. Materials from this meeting include:

Panelist Meeting: April 2006. A second meeting with the panelists, HAB Workgroup, and the Contractor Team (Altarum/RTI) was held to: share the findings and recommendations of each panel; clarify any questions and provide feedback on the panel reports; recommend a list of specific variables to include in the SON Index model; discuss next steps. Materials from this meeting include:

HRSA All Grantees’ Meeting Workshop: August 2006. Representatives from the SON panels, the Contractor Team, and the HAB workgroup were invited to present their progress and findings at a HRSA All Grantees’ Meeting. Materials for this meeting include: